Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Watershed Protection Releases 2021 Annual Report

The City of Austin Watershed Protection Department (WPD) has released its Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report. From stormwater debris cleanup and harmful algae mitigation to student education and seed planting, the report details the extensive work WPD accomplished while continuing to navigate COVID-19 and enduring Winter Storm Uri. 

“I couldn’t be more proud of our department’s achievements this past year, the second year in a row to test our resilience and fortitude”, said Jorge Morales, WPD Director. 

Some highlights include: 

  • 843.7 tons of pollution was removed from stormwater in addition to 6.2 million gallons of pollutants recovered during spill response activities.
  • 222 active capital improvement projects in planning or construction phases spread out across the city. These projects help protect Austin residents from flooding, erosion and water pollution and increase the city’s resiliency.
  • Mild summer temperatures meant less harmful algae was detected on Lady Bird Lake. However, harmful algae was found on other bodies of water and, unexpectedly, in the winter months.
  • Youth education programs reached more than 5,000 students, teaching earth sciences and what individuals can do to help protect our water quality.

View the report here. 

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