Friday, February 11, 2022

Austin Animal Center has no more space, asks community for help

Austin Animal Center announced today that there are no open kennels for medium/large dogs.

“Despite making every effort to get as many dogs out as possible through adoption, foster, and rescue partners, stray dogs keep pouring in, “ said Deputy Chief Animal Services Officer Jason Garza. “To be a no-kill community means we need the community’s help.”
Normally AAC has at least a few kennels held open in reserve for sick or injured dogs, dogs that pose public safety risks, and abandoned animals, but those kennels are full. Some dogs are being kept in crates until a suitable kennel becomes available, and short-staffing makes caring for those in crates difficult.
The most impactful way to help Austin Animal Center is to work with your neighbors if you find a loose dog. Studies out of San Antonio and Dallas show that the majority of stray dogs are owned and are found just a few blocks from home. By walking the dog around, knocking on doors, and posting on Nextdoor and Facebook, finders can significantly increase the chance of the dog being reunited with its family. Keeping a dog out of the shelter helps keep that pet healthy and saves space for dogs that have no other options.
For guidance on what to do if you found a pet, text FoundATX to (844) 764-2125.
Austin Animal Center offers fencing and spay/neuter assistance to help pet owners keep their dogs safely contained; call 311 to be connected to these resources.
Adopters and fosters are always appreciated. Austin Animal Center will have staff available onsite Friday February 11 to process walk-in foster applications for people willing to foster a medium/large dog for a minimum of 2 weeks. An adoption event is also being held on Saturday from 12-2 pm. All adoption fees continue to be waived.
No-kill shelters strive to only euthanize animals who are irremediably suffering or pose a significant public safety threat. Austin Animal Center is required by city ordinance to meet or exceed a 95% live outcome rate. Last month, the Center achieved an over 97% live outcome rate.

About the Animal Services Office
The Animal Services Office operates the Austin Animal Center, and is home to the largest No Kill community in the United States. We provide shelter to more than 17,000 animals annually. Our goal is to provide a safe place for lost and homeless animals and to educate our community in order to prevent animal homelessness and promote compassionate treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

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