Monday, February 7, 2022

City-Wide Boil Water Notice Remains in Effect, Water Conservation Requirements Lifted

The city-wide boil water notice remains in effect; residents must continue to boil tap water

AUSTIN Feb. 7th, 2022 - Austin Water completed Step 2 and has transitioned into Step 3 of the 5 Step process to lift the boil water notice. Completing Step 2 means that all three Austin Water (AW) water treatment plants are fully operational and producing normal volumes of water. Since the amount of available water in the treatment plant and distribution system is not an operational concern, AW is lifting emergency water conservation restrictions effective immediately.   

Emergency Water Conservation Requirements Lifted 

The emergency water conservation restrictions, urging businesses and residents to reduce water use to basic needs, were put in place to help Austin Water operators bring the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant back online after an internal process issue. Operations staff have successfully brought the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant back online and it is now operating at normal levels. Emergency water conservation measures are no longer needed.  

Step 3 Initiated - Boil Water Notice Remains In Effect 

Although water production has now reached normal and stable levels, Austin remains under a city-wide boil water notice. Additionally, as of 5:45 pm today, Monday, Feb. 7, Austin Water (AW) received approval from the state to begin the water sampling process – also known as Step 3 of the 5-step process. 

“We understand and share our community’s frustration as we begin the sampling process and wait for testing results so that we can lift the boil water notice,” said City Manager Spencer Cronk. “We are doing everything we can to expedite the process while ensuring the health and safety of our residents,” he concluded. 

AW is deploying staff across the community to begin collecting water samples from approximately 45 pre-determined residential and commercial collection sites. Samples will then be tested over a 24-hour time period. Test results are immediately shared with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) who then determines if the boil water notice can be lifted.  

“We remain cautiously optimistic that, if the water samples pass regulatory requirements and the TCEQ approves our results, we will be able to lift the water boil notice late Tuesday evening,” said AW Director Greg Meszaros. 

Retail Customers of Wholesale Districts and Utilities 

As a reminder, while residential and commercial customers are no longer required to reduce water consumption, Austin Water customers and the following retail customers of Austin Water Wholesale Districts and Utilities are still required to boil their tap water vigorously for two minutes before consuming: 

  • Night Hawk 
  • Travis County WCID 10 
  • Creedmoor-Maha WSC 
  • Morningside 
  • Rivercrest 
  • San Leanna 
  • Marsha WSC 
  • Wells Branch MUD 
  • Northtown MUD 
  • Manor 
  • Rollingwood 
  • Shady Hollow MUD 
  • Sunset Valley 
  • High Valley 
  • Mid-Tex Utilities 
  • North Austin MUD 1 
  • Water Distribution Sites 

Water distribution sites continue operating.  An additional water distribution site opened this evening at ACC Pinnacle, 7748 US-290, and will remain open until 8p.m. tonight.  The facility will reopen tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 8 at noon.  

For more information, including a complete list of all water distribution sites, customers can visit

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