Friday, February 18, 2022

New murals reflect impacts of car crashes on Austinites

Feb 18, 2022 

In a year where 116 people were killed on Austin roadways despite the community having a Vision Zero goal, it can be difficult to see the progress that has been made over the past few years. The video linked below of the murals installed at Odom Pavilion and City Star Foods remind us why eliminating severe traffic crashes is so important. The murals were inspired by testimonials provided by crash survivors and families of crash victims. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, visitors and other loved ones could be alive today if crashes were avoided or happened at lower speeds.

VIDEO: New murals reflect impacts of car crashes on Austinites

Austin Transportation is working hard on our primary strategy to reduce severe crashes - engineering solutions - and we know these solutions take time to implement across Austin. In the meantime, every driver's decision can make a life-changing difference. Deciding not to speed, eliminating distractions, choosing to get a safe ride home before a drink, and choosing to stop-and-yield to people crossing intersections before you turn will save lives.

Austin has made progress. There were 515 serious injuries on Austin roadways in 2021 – that is the lowest number of serious injuries since 2015 (excluding 2020’s pandemic year). In fact, Austin may be the only large city in Texas to see a reduction from 2019 serious injury numbers, and doing that in the face of continued growth in the region is a positive data point.

However, 600+ people suffering life-changing injuries and fatalities from car crashes should not be acceptable to anyone who uses the roadways. 

Art enriches lives and transforms public spaces, and can provide a visual reminder of what our community values. Austin Transportation encourages the community to visit the murals, read the stories and quotes, and remind each other that individual driving decisions matter.

It takes everyone in the community working together for everyone to get home safe.

Austin Transportation thanks the families and crash survivors who shared their stories, which the artists used to create their murals.

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