Monday, March 28, 2022

The ESB MACC Presents Entropy by Mery Godigna Collet


Exhibit Dates: April 9June 22, 2022
The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB MACC) is proud to announce “ENTROPY,” an exhibition of recent works by Venezuelan artist Mery Godigna Collet that runs April 9–June 22, 2022, at the Sam Z. Coronado Gallery, ESB MACC. Across four decades, Mery Godigna Collet has been revealing the artist’s ability to transform deep research into profoundly moving works of art.

Godigna Collet uses art as a tool to confront complex social issues which she then synthesizes into concepts for the viewers. Her works of art utilize a multitude of diverse materials and she works in different media from installations, paintings, sculptures, photography, and video. She challenges her viewers by consistently modifying and utilizing new techniques and unconventional materials so one can confront the ways humans survive, cope, and deal violence or by inviting one to deeper contemplation and self-introspection.

Mery Godigna Collet is not only a Venezuelan artist, she is a writer, philanthropist and environmentalist who has studied, worked, and exhibited internationally. While her artistic technique is ever evolving, her core values behind her artistic practice remains consistent and was solidified from a young age.

At the exhibition opening on April 9, a printed catalog will be presented with texts by artist and writer Rachel Koper, anthropologist and curator Patricia Morales, the architect, curator and professor of art Veronica Liprandi, awarded poet Lucia Boni, cultural researcher and lecturer Surpik Angelini and art historian Rebecca Gomez. It is available to view online on the Smithsonian Museum’s Learning Lab.

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