Monday, March 14, 2022

2022 Summer: Lifeguards and Camp Counselors


Austin Parks and Recreation Offers a $500 Summer Completion Bonus
for Summer Temps Who Meet Specific Criteria

The City of Austin Austin's Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is offering a $500 Summer Completion bonus for all temporary lifeguards and temporary summer camp counselors who meet the criteria. The $500 Summer Completion bonus qualifications vary by position. Find bonus details at for lifeguard positions and at for summer camp counselor positions.

Because the Department has a higher than usual vacancy rate as it recovers from the full-time employee hiring freeze in 2020, sufficient budget is available for a one-time incentive this fiscal year. In addition to Summer Completion Bonuses. PARD is actively recruiting summer staff at virtual and in-person job fairs, recruiting events, social media, direct mailers, and paid advertising. There are jobs working outdoors at pools as well as indoors at museums, cultural facilities, and recreation centers.

PARD is a robust and expanding department with opportunities for career growth at every stage of your career. Pay starts at $15/hour for entry level positions and it increases with experience. PARD hires candidates from diverse origins, orientations, identities, and abilities. City jobs offer stability and benefits to help you maintain your work life balance. Sick leave is provided for temporary positions.

Learn more about Austin Parks and Recreation job opportunities and benefits at

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