Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Austin City Council Calls for Central Health Board of Managers Applications

Help create access to healthcare for those who need it most


The Austin City Council seeks applications from qualified individuals to serve on the nine-member Board of Managers of Central Health. The opening is to fill a new term that will run from January 2023 through December 31, 2026. 

Application will remain open until vacancy is filled.


These nine appointees serve as the Board of Managers and organize, plan and supervise Central Health. The Commissioners Court approves the budget adopted by the Central Health Board of Managers and sets its associated tax rate. The Commissioners Court also retains broad oversight of the District’s operations.


The District was created to improve healthcare delivery and access to underserved residents of Travis County and is intended to promote transparency and accountability to the public in the provision of health care. Information regarding the District’s calendar, scheduled meetings, and minutes of past meetings is available at http://www.centralhealth.net/meetings.html.


The minimum time commitment required is 10 – 15 hours per month but may exceed that due to other events in which Managers are asked to participate. Most meetings are held in the evening, although Central Health and community-related events may be equally divided between daytime and evening hours. In addition to service on the Board, Managers will be assigned to subcommittees.


Experience as a health care provider is not a necessary requirement for service but understanding of the current health care system and a commitment to improving the patient experience is preferred. Central Health’s mission is simple and vital: to create access to healthcare for those who need it most. Rather than directly providing health care services, Central Health has developed a unique approach of contracting with a variety of providers to meet the health care needs of low-income and uninsured people of Austin and Travis County. In 2012, Travis County voters approved a tax increase to allow Central Health to redesign and transform health care delivery in Central Texas, which includes opening the new Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin.


The City Council is looking for the following qualities and preferred experience in health care finance and accounting in its appointee to the Central Health Board of Managers:

  • Commitment to the Mission and Values of Central Health (http://centralhealth.net/vision_mission_values.html).
  • Resident of Austin with experience serving on boards of directors or in senior management positions.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in finance and accounting, financial conflicts of interest in an environment to ensure financial transparency to tax payers.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience requiring strategic planning, execution, and maintenance of successful business operations.
  • Knowledge of the issues and components related to the ‘safety net’ health system and the delivery of services to vulnerable populations.
  • Mature and seasoned community leader and advocate, with knowledge of community, social, and health/medical services, private business, government, or law.
  • Demonstrated experience in community engagement/involvement, particularly in the area of persons accessing health services.
  • Understanding of multiple cultures and ethnicities with experience in removing barriers to health care services access for these individuals.  
  • Knowledge of Central Health’s partners and how services are delivered by them in collaboration with Central Health.


The following persons may not be appointed to the Board:

  • Employees, officers or board members of any entity that receives funds from the Travis County Healthcare District.
  • Employees, officers or board members of any hospital including Dell Medical School and Seton Healthcare Family.
  • Employees of Central Health.
  • Persons who receive or whose employer receives more than 10 percent of its income from an entity that receives payment directly from Central Health.
  • No attorney, certified public accountant or other person who receives or whose employer receives more than 10 percent of its income from an entity that receives payment directly from the Central Health shall be a member of the Board.


Application Process

Interested applicants may complete a City of Austin Boards and Commissions application online at https://austintexas.granicus.com/boards/forms/385/apply. Applicants are also requested to submit a resume describing their qualifications and a Statement of Intent expressing why they wish to serve on the Healthcare District Board.


The applications will be reviewed and, if selected, interviews will be scheduled during the scheduled meeting of the Austin City Council Public Health Committee. If recommended by the Committee, the nomination will be considered by the full Council during the following Council Meeting. If selected, the individual will be required to complete a financial disclosure form.

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