Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Notice of Withdrawal and Transition to Guidance 5-21-21

An Update from Austin Public Health
Dear Food Service, Mobile Food Service, Farmers Markets, Event Organizers, and Pool Operators:

On Friday, May 21, 2021, the Austin/Travis County Interim Health Authority formally withdrew the May 18, 2021 Health Authority Emergency Rules and in their place issued the COVID-19 recommendations excerpted below.

We encourage you to monitor the City and Travis County websites to remain current with COVID-19 trends and recommendations as they are periodically updated:   

Thank you for all you do to help keep our ATX community healthy and safe. 
The Environmental Health Services Division of Austin Public Health
Recommendations for Businesses 

In general, the Health Authority recommends business owners and operators to: 
  • Require every individual to wear a face covering in most circumstances
  • An indoor site where less than 500 individuals are present at any one time; and 
  • An outdoor site where less than 2,500 individuals are present at any one time. 
  • Require at least three feet between groups of individuals; 
  • Post face covering signage at or near each entrance; and 
  • Post, where information for workers is customarily posted, signage that explains the requirement to remain at least three feet apart and the requirement to wear a face covering
  • Keep toilets clean, sanitary and operational at all times and ensure proper disposal of waste from these facilities;
  • Provide single use disposable paper towels and no-touch trash receptacles in restrooms and breakrooms;
  • Require all workers to wash their hands for at least twenty seconds at the following times:
  • Before they begin working;
  • After they remove gloves;
  • Before and after the use of high touch items;
  • Before and after all meal or restroom breaks;

For workers confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, follow all directions from Austin Public Health concerning that worker and other workers that may have come in contact with the infected worker. 

Additional Recommendations for Food and Beverage Service 

  • Require at least three feet between tables unless the tables are separated by a solid barrier; and 
  • Limit the number of individuals who gather, stand, or sit together to ten or less. 


Resources and Assistance

Permit Applications
  • To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the Environmental Health Services Division (EHSD) lobby is currently closed to walk-in customers and is accepting permit applications by mail, email, or in-office appointment.
  • For permits, follow instructions on the Development Services Department website.
  • For permits from Austin Center for Events follow the normal permit process. Applicants must also complete and submit a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan with their permit application. Forms, applications and event related order detail can be found on the ACE webpage.

Business & Industry Assistance