Thursday, May 20, 2021

Aquatic Programming and Swimming Pool Update

With summer around the corner, Austin Parks and Recreation announces plans to reopen additional aquatic programs and facilities. Select City splashpads and pools in each quadrant of Austin will begin opening, and swimming lessons for all ages will once again be offered. 
Lifeguard Shortage
The Aquatics Division does not have enough lifeguards to open all of the pools that would normally open at the beginning of June. Due to a lifeguard shortage caused by a year-long hiring freeze and disruption to training, pools will continue to operate with modified hours and capacity. Expanding hours and opening additional pools will not be possible until enough lifeguards can be trained, certified, and hired. At this time, Aquatics has 150 lifeguards, only 20% of its needed 750 lifeguard force. 

The City stopped hiring lifeguards in March of 2020 due to COVID-19, and staff were unable to resume hiring lifeguards until March of 2021. Another limiting factor has been the number of lifeguards who can be trained at a time due to COVID-19. Austin Parks and Recreation's Aquatics Division will continue to consult with Austin Public Health on Lifeguard Training Safety as pandemic conditions evolve. 

An experienced and dedicated Aquatics Division team has been teaching classes at capacity since hiring resumed in order to get as many lifeguards as possible certified and working. As lifeguards are hired and trained, they will be assigned equitably to pools throughout the city. This will ensure that all Austinites have access to pools this summer. 

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Splash Pads 
Saturday, May 22: Bartholomew, Chestnut, Liz Carpenter, and Metz splash pads will open. 
Many of splash pads sustained damage from Winter Storm Uri and the Aquatics Division continues working to fix them. Repairs have be affected by available parts and contractor availability. More splash pad openings will be announced as they become operable.

Springwoods, Bartholomew, Big Stacy, Barton Springs, and Deep Eddy Pools are currently open.

June 5: Govalle and Shipe Pools will open.
As staffing levels allow, the Aquatics Division will announce the opening of Balcones, Mabel Davis, Montopolis, Parque Zaragoza, and Rosewood Pools.
Swim Lessons

May 24: Registration for swim lessons and swim teams will open.

Register for swim lessons and swim teams at
June 7: Session 1 swimming lessons will begin at Balcones, Govalle, Mabel Davis, Montopolis, Rosewood, and Shipe Pools.

Swim lesson for sessions 2 and 3 will be offered at Bartholomew, Big Stacy, Deep Eddy, Parque Zaragoza, Ramsey, and Springwoods Pools.
Swim Teams

June 14: Swim Teams will begin. 

Balcones, Bartholomew, Big Stacy, Govalle, Mabel Davis, Montopolis, Rosewood, Shipe, and Springwoods Pools have swim teams.
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