Friday, December 1, 2023

How to Prepare for a Winter Freeze

It’s possible that there will be a freeze this winter - it’s time to prepare ourselves just in case. To do so, we should act early to make sure our cars are safe to drive, weatherproof our homes and create a disaster plan and disaster kit.  


You can get a mechanic to evaluate your car, including: 

  • battery  
  • antifreeze level 
  • windshield washer fluid 
  • windshield wipers 
  • ignition 
  • thermostat 
  • exhaust system 
  • heater 
  • breaks 
  • defroster 
  • oil 
  • lights 

If you think you will have to drive during inclement weather you can have your mechanic install winter tires though typically these are not needed in Texas. You should have a full tank of gas before the storm to protect your fuel line – the part that transfers fuel from one part of the vehicle to another – from getting frozen.  

It’s a good idea to keep the following items in your car:  

  • jumper cables 
  • windshield scraper 
  • small broom 
  • a small sack of sand to pour over the ground to get traction if you get stuck 
  • tire chains or a traction mat 
  • matches or a lighter 
  • a bright reflector cloth to tie on your antenna if you become stranded 
  • warm clothing 
  • non-perishable food 
  • basic tools 
  • scissors or a knife  

Your Home 

Perform a check of your heating system early this winter to ensure everything is working. Properly seal and insulate your home. Protect pipes from freezing by emptying water from them and sprinkler systems. Heat your home and ventilate it properly. Likewise, you should make sure you follow the full instructions on your heater. Medical emergencies were reported during Winter Storm Uri from carbon monoxide poisoning by improperly using heaters in their home.

Create a Disaster Plan 

Talk to your family about what to do in case of a winter emergency. Having a home kit ready in the event of a storm is a great way to keep safe. You can build one with this checklist from These kits should include non-perishable food for any humans and pets in the household, medicine, medication and water.