Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rain to River Community Vision Survey Now Available in Multiple Languages

The City of Austin’s Watershed Protection Department (WPD) is seeking community input to guide the creation of their next strategic plan called Rain to River: A Strategic Plan to Protect Austin’s Creeks and Communities. This plan will guide Watershed Protection's priorities and decision-making for the next decade.  

Rain to River's Community Vision Survey and interactive map is now available in Spanish The survey seeks input about how Austin residents view Austin’s creeks and communities. Watershed Protection will use that information to develop goals and explore the community’s vision for how to tie in equity and climate change into the core of their work. The survey also features a map that residents can use to place markers to provide information about drainage problems they’ve experienced, favorite places to enjoy Austin's creeks and natural areas, or ideas for how to make things better.  

Paper surveys in Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, French, and Hindi are available upon request and can be sent to you by emailing or by calling 512-974-2237. Paper copies are also available at all Austin Public Library locations. The survey software also has an auto-translate function to support over 100 languages via Google Translate

Visit to learn more about Rain to River, the work of Watershed Protection, and why the department is updating the plan. 

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