Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Community Police Review Commission Seeks Feedback on APD Use of Force

Community Police Review Commission Seeks Feedback on APD Use of Force

Community Police Review Commission Hosts 8 Can't Wait Town Hall to Facilitate Community Feedback on Austin Police Department's Policies
The Community Police Review Commission (CPRC) will host the 8 Can't Wait Town Hall focusing on the national "8 Can't Wait" campaign on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, from 6–7:30 p.m. The town hall will be held virtually on Zoom and is open to the public to attend.

"We want to hear directly from community members about their experiences and get their feedback on proposals to make policing safer for everyone," said CPRC chair Amani Seay.

The event will be an opportunity for the community to learn more about how the City of Austin is addressing public safety and  provide feedback on the Austin Police Department's Use-of-Force Policies.

"In the wake of recent officer-involved shootings, the questions about when and how Austin police officers use force have never been more important," said Commissioner Sukyi McMahon. 
The 8 Can't Wait campaign is part of a national movement to reduce police brutality. In January 2021, the City of Austin Office of Police Oversight (OPO) released a review of the 8 Can't Wait recommendations as a starting point to recommend changes to APD policies. The town hall hosted by the Community Police Review Commission will build from OPO's recommendations by facilitating community feedback.

At the 8 Can't Wait Townhall, the community will:  To RSVP for the 8 Can't Wait Town Hall, visit atxpolicecommission.org.


About the Community Police Review Commission:
The Community Police Review Commission consists of 10 unpaid volunteers appointed by the city manager to:

  • Make policy-level recommendations regarding discipline, training, community relations, and the complaint process.
  • Address any other issues of concern by the community.
  • Review patterns and practices of the Austin Police Department.
  • Assess critical incidents and review individual cases of police misconduct.
  • Make fair and objective recommendations, and make decisions based only on the facts and evidence.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the Office of Police Oversight.

The commission serves to oversee these matters independently and separately from the Office of Police Oversight and any other City of Austin organization.

Learn more about the CPRC here: atxpolicecommission.org.