Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mandatory Water Use Restrictions to be Lifted

For Immediate Release: February 23, 2021
Contact: Media Desk
Emergency Water Use Restrictions to be Lifted
Effective Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 8 a.m.

AUSTIN - Emergency water use restrictions implemented by Austin Water on February 20, 2021, are scheduled to be lifted on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. The emergency restrictions, urging customers to limit water use to basic needs, were put in place to help the distribution system quickly deliver excess water to Austin's reservoirs and improve overall system pressure.
After a monitoring period, and with an excess of 120 million gallons in reserves, it has been determined that Austin Water's system has safely entered into a healthy range – allowing for lifting of emergency water restrictions.
Water Quality and Cloudy Water Concerns
Customers in the northern and southern most portions of Austin, last to receive all-clear to stop boiling water, may temporarily experience cloudy water due to air in the lines. As customers return to regular water use, the water distribution system will continue equalizing and improving overall system pressure and clarity.
Austin Water worked with state officials at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to establish corrective actions necessary to lift the boil water notice. The actions include analyzing water samples from throughout the system across the City. Test results, reviewed by TCEQ officials, indicated that water provided by Austin met all regulatory standards and is safe for human consumption. No chemical or bacteriological contaminants were detected at any point during the drop in water pressure, water outages, or since issuing the boil water notice.
How to flush water lines:
To flush household pipes, ice makers, water fountains, etc… and help clear residential plumbing, simply let the water run for one minute. To ensure that there is fresh water flowing through their pipes follow the simple guidelines below:

  • Run all cold water faucets in your home for one minute;
  • To flush automatic ice makers, make three batches of ice and discard;
  • Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle
For more information or questions about flushing, customers can visit or follow @austinwater on social media.

Wholesale Districts

Retail customers of Austin Water wholesaler districts including Night Hawk, Travis County WCID 10, Windermere, Creedmoor-Maha WSC, Morningside, Rivercrest, San Leanna, Marsha WSC, Wells Branch MUD, Northtown MUD, Manor, Rollingwood, Sunset Valley, High Valley, Mid-Tex Utilities, and North Austin MUD 1, may also return to regular water use. 

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