Wednesday, March 6, 2024

The City of Austin and Austin Police Association Announce Formal Negotiations on Long-Term Contract Set to Resume

Both the City of Austin and Austin Police Association (APA) are excited to announce that formal negotiations on a new long-term contract are set to resume on March 13, 2024.  
“I have been saying for some time now that it was critical for the City to get back to the bargaining table with the Austin Police Association,” said Austin Mayor Kirk Watson. “I’m pleased we’ve agreed to a date to begin those negotiations.  Our police officers need to know that they’re supported, we need to fill vacancies, and the best way to show support and fill positions is by getting a long-term contract.”
All parties agree that a long-term contract is in the best interest of our City and the officers who protect it. Over the years, the stability of the Meet & Confer process and resulting agreements have faced numerous challenges. The time has come to face these challenges and find a way to move forward for the betterment of Austin.  

“I’m grateful to Mayor Watson, city management, and those on the City Council I’ve had the opportunity to speak with for their efforts and commitments to finding a path forward so we can resume formal contract negotiations. The only way we are able to move forward is by working together as this is one community,” said APA President Michael Bullock. “I’m encouraged by the progress we’re making and hope that we will be able to move through this process in a way that benefits all involved, most of all the community we serve.”
As we enter these negotiations, both sides recognize the significance of resuming this process. Negotiations are never perfect, but all agree there is a path forward to help us begin to turn around the public safety crisis we’re currently in. Similarly, we recognize one of the benefits of the Meet & Confer process is it is voluntary and for the mutual benefit of all involved. 
Much work is still to be done – but both the APA and City are committed to finding a mutually acceptable and beneficial resolution. We are confident any agreement reached between the APA and the city’s bargaining team will address community concerns, navigate current legal challenges, and be approved by Council.  
Details about the negotiations are still being finalized.  Once location and time of that discussion is available, a follow-up news release will provide those details and the information will be posted on the City’s main website at as well as shared via social media.