Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Partnership Provides Nutritional Options for Emergency Shelter


The City of Austin’s Homeless Strategy Office, Endeavors, and the Central Texas Food Bank are announcing a new partnership to provide healthier and nutritious meals at the Marshalling Yard Emergency Shelter. Under the agreement, the Central Texas Food Bank will deliver three meals each day to the shelter five days a week. The daily meals and snacks will meet the United States Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines while providing a variety of offerings that will accommodate dietary restrictions.
"This partnership represents a pivotal moment in our collective dedication to holistic and compassionate care for our clients," said David Gray, City of Austin Homeless Strategy Officer. "By combining the expertise of the Homeless Strategy Office, the commitment of our shelter operator Endeavors, and the expansive resources of the Central Texas Food Bank, we are poised to transform the Marshalling Yard Emergency Shelter into a beacon of hope and support, providing not just sustenance but nourishment that fosters long-term well-being."

The partnership is designed to create meal offerings with nutrition in mind, reflecting best practices in dietary health and nutritional education by incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into the daily menus. The aim is not only to meet the immediate needs of the shelter clients, but also to foster long-term health benefits and education on the importance of balanced eating habits.
"Our dietary approach is rooted in research that underscores the critical role nutrition plays in overall health, including physical and mental," said Sari Vatske, President and CEO of the Central Texas Food Bank. "The nutritious and diverse menus are intended to foster a sense of dignity and contribute to the holistic well-being of those we’re serving, supporting them in leading healthier lives."
The collaboration between the Homeless Strategy Office, Endeavors, and the Central Texas Food Bank provides the ability to procure food and supplies in an incredibly cost-effective way, guaranteeing that resources are utilized in the most efficient manner possible. The allocation of financial resources to a leading local non-profit service agency strengthens the local service community and reinvests funds in Austin’s local economy.
The Marshalling Yard Emergency Shelter is a temporary homeless shelter serving up to 300 clients daily. In addition to providing meals, clients can access hygiene facilities, laundry service, medical care, case management, coordinated entry, transportation, pet accommodations and social enrichment. The shelter serves guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To learn more about homelessness in Austin, please visit www.austintexas.gov/homelessness