Wednesday, March 6, 2024

ATXN Launches New Music Show "Sound ON!" Featuring Austin's Hottest Musicians, March 8 at 7PM


Kicking off the series premier is Chief Cleopatra, Brother Thunder, Moving Parnoramas, and Tomar & the FCs.

AUSTIN, TX – March 6, 2024 – ATXN, the City of Austin government access channel, is thrilled to announce the premiere of its newest music series, "Sound ON!".  This groundbreaking show follows in the footsteps of ATXN’sEmmy-award winningseries "Notes in Time" and promises to be a captivating experience for music enthusiasts.  

   "Sound ON!" brings Austin’s vibrant music scene to the forefront, showcasing the city's hottest musicians with live performances and in-depth interviews. The series spotlights both established and up-and-coming artists across genres and generations, celebrating the diverse musical landscape that makes Austin a renowned cultural hub.  

  A collaboration between ATXN, Ice Cream Factory Studio, and the City’s Music & Entertainment Division, "Sound ON!" reflects the city's commitment to nurturing and promoting its vibrant music culture. This body of work promises to be a must-watch series, capturing the essence of Austin's musical spirit and contributing to the city's legacy as a cultural powerhouse.  

“We are excited to introduce 'Sound ON!' to our viewers, offering a front-row seat to the extraordinary talent that defines Austin's music scene,” said Burton Fitzsimmons, station manager at ATXN. “It’s a real treat to capture these electrifying performances and share with the world.” 

On March 8 at 7PM, tune into ATXN.TV and ATXN’s YouTube channel for the “Sound ON!” premiere featuring Chief Cleopatra. 


New episodes will drop at 7PM every Friday throughout March, showcasing Brother Thunder, Moving Panoramas and Tomar & the FCs.