Friday, October 1, 2021

City hosts information sessions on proposed East Austin affordable housing development

The City of Austin and the Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) are hosting three online community meetings to provide information to and collect feedback from Austinites about a proposed affordable housing development located at the corner of Manor Road and E.M. Franklin Avenue—3515 Manor Road—in East Austin. The first of three online meetings are scheduled for October 13, 2021.

Development priorities for the three-acre property should provide mixed-income, family-friendly housing with deep affordability including:

  • 90 percent to total units reserved for households earning at or less than 80 percent of the Austin Median Family (MFI) income - $79,100 for a 4-person household;
  • 50 percent of total units reserved for households earning at or below 50 percent of the Austin median family income (MFI) - $49,450 for a 4-person household;
  • 50 percent of total affordable units to be developed as multi-bedroom units;
  • Affordable housing to be prioritized for those households at risk of displacement and those previously displaced from the area;
  • Provide affordable units, on-site non-residential space, and support services incorporated into a sustainable model for housing Austin's residents exiting homelessness; and
  • Ensure responsible stewardship of City funds.

The public is encouraged to attend any of the community meetings to explore ideas regarding the development of the site. Austinites can provide their input at any time by completing a survey on the project SpeakUp Austin web page.

Questions regarding the proposed project or the community meetings can be emailed to For more information, visit the SpeakUp Austin project page.

About Austin Housing Finance Corporation

The Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) was created as a public, non-profit corporation and instrumentality of the City of Austin. The mission of the AHFC is to generate and implement strategic housing solutions for the benefit of low- and moderate-income residents of the City of Austin.

About Housing and Planning Department

The Housing and Planning Department provides resources related to planning, zoning, housing, and community development to enhance the quality of life of all Austinites. Equitable, efficient, and comprehensive planning with displacement prevention as a prioritized focus is the Department's core charge in delivering housing services to the community.