Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Sept. 1st Begins National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. The City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) has committed to participate in National Preparedness Month to increase awareness throughout our community.

HSEM wants residents of Austin to make sure they and their family are prepared for a disaster. Emergencies happen at unexpected moments and it's important to take the time now to do some simple things that will help keep you safe when disaster strikes. 

Our region has witnessed the devastation that storms, flash floods, and wildfire can cause. This month is a time to take stock and ensure that everyone is ready. 

Each week on the City's social media channels, HSEM will share tips on the four key steps to emergency preparedness. The four steps are:

  • Sept. 5-11 - Make a Plan: Have a plan to communicate and meet during an emergency. Make sure all members of your family are aware of the plan and practice it. Consider what emergencies could happen where you live; what to do if you are separated and how will you let loved ones know you are safe. 

  • Sept. 12-18 - Build a Kit: Pack essential items in an easy-to-carry container including a gallon of water per person per day for everyone in your family for up to three days; non-perishable food; flashlight; personal hygiene items; copies of important documents; extra cash and any medical supplies.

  • Sept. 19-25 - Know your Neighbors: Emergency preparedness requires the whole community to participate. Knowing your neighbors is a simple step that can help when an emergency strike the community. When the whole community comes together to respond to and help recover from these emergencies - neighbor helping neighbor - we can often meet the needs of everyone.

  • Sept 26 – Oct. 2 - Stay Informed: Register with Warn Central Texas, the regional emergency notification system, and learn what disasters are common to your area. Make sure you monitor local news outlets during an emergency.

Warn Central Texas is a free service that sends emergency notifications by email, text, or phone call for your neighborhood. 

We will be announcing additional preparedness awareness programs throughout the month. In addition, different organizations and City departments will also be sharing important preparedness information that pertain to their operations.   

More information on how to be prepared for disasters can be found at AustinTexas.gov/HSEM or at Ready.gov.