Wednesday, March 3, 2021

New Boggy Creek Urban Trail

Discover Fun Facts Along the New Boggy Creek Urban Trail

Mar 03, 2021 12:26 pm

For the next month, signs will temporarily line the new dual track on the Boggy Creek Trail to tell visitors fun facts about the sights they see. The new dual track is the first of its kind in Austin and connects Rosewood Ave to E. 12th Street, where it joins the existing Boggy Creek Urban Trail. Dual-track trails separate people walking from people biking, which increases safety and creates more space for the different paces of users. The project was made possible through a partnership with Austin Public WorksAustin Transportation, and the Parks and Recreation Department. Learn more and take a virtual tour of the trail on the Boggy Creek Trail website.  

The Boggy Creek Trail is family friendly and passes by interesting sites, both new and old. Learn about community artwork at the Pillars Project, discover some of the history of Rosewood Park, or learn about how the trail fits into future trail plans. The temporary signs help visitors discover the history of the area. 

Remarking on the trail's completion last month, Assistant City Manager Gina Fiandaca, who oversees the Mobility Outcome, stated that, "As Austin continues to grow it is important that we preserve open spaces for people to enjoy, and that we connect these places to the neighborhoods and businesses they serve. The Urban Trails, Bikeways, and Sidewalk Programs play a vital role in making parks and greenbelts more accessible in Austin."

The trail was completed last month but plans to install the temporary signs were postponed due to the winter storm and necessary recovery efforts. For those unable to make it out to the trail, this virtual trail tour provides information about the trail and the area's history, with accompanying visuals and maps. 

The Boggy Creek Trail is part of two larger planned urban trail systems, the EastLink Trail and Red Line Trail. Those looking for a longer bike ride should visit the All Ages and Abilities Bicycle Network to see how the trail fits into a network of streets and trails in Austin intended to serve a wide range of users.  

 Explore the trail anytime in the next month to see the fun facts, and learn more at