Wednesday, February 15, 2023

City Council Approves Pursuing One-Year Agreement with the Austin Police Association

The Austin City Council today approved on a 9-2 vote pursuing a one-year contract with the Austin Police Association (APA) to begin when the current contract expires on March 31, 2023. Council Members discussed providing voters an opportunity to weigh in on two ballot measures in May related to police oversight prior to agreeing to a long-term contract.
The Council approved directing the City Manager to negotiate for a new meet and confer agreement with the APA that achieves the following goals:

  • Maintain or improve existing terms, conditions, and privileges of employment for Austin Police Department officers.
  • Preserve or enhance the City’s existing civilian oversight program for APD officers as established in the current APA labor contract and City Code Chapter 2-15.
  • Provide for incorporation into the new agreement of any civilian oversight program enhancements that may be approved by Austin voters in the May 2023 elections.
  • Have a term of no more than one year from the expiration date of the current meet and confer agreement.

 Last week, the City of Austin reached a tentative agreement with the APA for a four-year contract after almost a year of negotiations. Today, the City Council took action to pursue a one-year agreement instead.
“The Austin City Council sets policy. We will follow their direction through the Interim City Manager and approach the Austin Police Association to start negotiations for a 1-year contract in accordance with the provisions of the resolution passed,” Sarah Griffin, the City’s Interim Labor Relations Officer, said.